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CONGRATULATIONS to our STAR Students for December!

December STAR Students

Blair is a 3rd grader at HHS.  She is a sweet student who is always willing to give a helping hand.  She helps those in her classroom who needs help and never complains that it takes from her time with her friends.  She partners with anyone and always smiles and is nice.  Blair can be found around school giving hugs, picking up trash on the ground, and helping little kids. 

Kinsley is a great student who really has found a love for reading this year and is diving into new series and encouraging her classmates to read along with her.  She is always prepared for class and is most polite.  She offers to help out in the library every time she comes. 

Hannah is new to our school but her family is from Hackberry.  From day one, she has been polite and a hard worker.  She has a little sister in 1st grade whom she helps by giving her a firm or soft hand.  She always volunteers to help and never argues with her classmates. 


STAR Faculty Member

 Mrs. K works hard to make sure all of her students understand the concepts being taught in class.  She is very engaging, using tricks, riddles, and rhymes to make sure her students remember key points in their learning.  Mrs. K Takes the time to find new ways to teach those who are struggling and need extra help.  She also reaches out to other teachers to ask them for help when needed and to offer help.  HHS is blessed to have Mrs. K as a teacher.