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STAR Students February 2020

Tuesday Shaheen and Asst. Principal Mrs. Paulette Campbell
Tuesday Shaheen - 4th Grade
Tuesday is a sweet, happy, and pleasant young lady.  She is always smiling and loves to read!  It's touching to see her interact with her younger brother. It's a pleasure to have her here at Hackberry High.
Sydni Boudreaux and Asst. Principal Mrs. Paulette Campbell
Sydni Boudreaux - 6th Grade
Sydni is a sweet and positive young lady.  She gives her all on the basketball court.  That same "game mentality" carries over in her class work with fellow classmates.  Sydni is very helpful to her classmates and teachers. She is a peer tutor to those who are struggling. Sydni is also involved in Student Council and volunteers for community activities.
Hayden Walton and Asst. Principal Mrs. Paulette Campbell
Hayden Walton - 12th Grade
Hayden relates well to his classmates underclassmen, teammates and handles himself in a mature and respectful manner.  He has taken on several leadership roles and is always willing to lend a hand with anything. Hayden has become a mentor for a younger student with guidance and instilled confidence. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this young man!
Mrs. Stacy Little and Asst. Principal Mrs. Paulette Campbell
Mrs. Stacy Little - MS and Elem Science
Mrs. Stacy is the teacher students will remember for years to come.  Her innovative ways to get the students to learn are inspiring new teachers, as well as veteran teachers.  Mrs. Stacy is a tough teacher but also one of the most caring.  Her students are always engaged and on task and she doesn't have many discipline issues because of her "no-nonsense" approach to teaching.  Mrs. Stacy's students are very fond of her and can recall activities, experiments and projects they did with her for years after they've had her.